EE364a: Final Exam

The final exam will be a 24 hour take-home exam.

The final exam will be available to start at the following times.

  • Friday March 16, 9:00–9:30am

  • Friday March 16, 5:00–5:30pm

  • Saturday March 17, 9:00–9:30am

  • Saturday March 17, 5:00–5:30pm

  • Sunday March 18, 9:00–9:30am

  • Sunday March 18, 5:00–5:30pm

  • Monday March 19, 9:00–9:30am

  • Monday March 19, 5:00–5:30pm

  • Tuesday March 20, 9:00–9:30am

  • Tuesday March 20, 5:00–5:30pm

We can schedule your exam for another (earlier) day if you have a good reason why you can't take the exam on any of these days. If it's difficult for you to come to campus, we can arrange to email the exam to you.

Contact us using the staff email address to make arrangements.

If you are a remote SCPD student, we will not be using the SCPD exam system. Instead, we'll send you the exam via email at a time that you arrange with the course staff, and you'll send a scanned version of your exam back to us via email.

We'll post (much) more information about the final exam later.

Old exams

For practice:

We'll post the solutions for these exams later. The necessary data files can be found here.